Today's Christians have lost the core of Jesus' message--the message that our Heavenly Father's Divine Love is available to each and every one of us, just for the asking.
And we need to ask.

We also need to brush aside the many errors that have crept in to Jesus' teachings over the years, errors that have deflected and misinterpreted his true teachings.

Jesus taught his disciples that God's Divine Love is ours for the asking -- not through intellectual asking, but through soulful seeking.
Jesus made clear that mankind is not born with Divine Love within their souls--It is something to be sought after.
And most important, he taught--and still teaches--that when we receive the Divine Love in great abundance, our soul is transformed and becomes at-one with the Heavenly Father.
We are offering you a Truth that had been lost to all the major religions, although many souls have realized this Truth in their souls, despite the dogmatic beliefs of their religion.
It is possible that your soul will feel the truth contained in the documents on this site--that's if your soul is another of the many that are seeking truth outside of the old institutions.

The seeking soul never differs in its motivation and thirst for truth. The words we use to describe this search may vary, but the heart's longing is the same. We long to rise above the weight of the human condition and to experience the Divine in our lives. 

This website is dedicated to the publishing and distribution of this great truth--that God is waiting to give us His great Divine Love, if only we ask for It. This and many other truths are published in four volumes, True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus, and other materials on various subjects related to these writings.

We sincerely hope you will spend some time reading the materials presented here and see for yourself what happens when your soul begins to open and to truly experience this Love.
Should these ideas touch you, you might choose to request some of these publications (see our bookstore). Those who cannot afford these books and materials will not be turned away.


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