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Perhaps you've happened upon this website, or maybe you were already aware of it and dropped by again. Whatever has brought you to this moment, welcome!

This website is about Divine Love.  

We sense that there's a deep need for real Love in this world, that even the best love we've encountered over the years hasn't had the staying power we'd hoped for.  And yet we keep looking. Even after we've given up for quite a while, it surfaces again, that wanting and needing something which we cannot describe in words.

It might help to slow down here and to become as still as possible.  Invite in that Love, which is all around us, invisible to our eyes, inaudible to our ears, absent to our tactile sense.  And yet….something in us catches a glimpse of it every now and then. 

God is Love.  We think these are the truest words ever spoken.  

We invite you to sit quietly with these words.  Invite them into your deepest being, and let them sit there….invite that place in you that can see without eyes, and can hear without ears, and can sense without  hands, that place within you that can sense the flowing of Love that surrounds us, that waits to be invited into our hearts.  

We sense that there's still a place in us that's untouched by the disappointments and betrayals; a place that doesn't give up hoping.  It's that tiny flame within that stays alive even after the negative effects of some of our choices bring us low.

We offer to you a Prayer that may help you—as it's helped many of us—and we invite you to read it from that deep place in you that still yearns for a  Love that never judges, that never abandons.  A Love that remains constant, encouraging, joyous, happy-to-see-us.  A Love that never gives up on us.  

We believe that this Love—Divine Love—comes directly from our Heavenly Father  who smiles upon us in our weakness, who wishes for us to become at-one with  His Divine Love, a Love that is freely given to all who seek it.

We ask for this Divine Love as earnestly as we can, and we have found that our lives do change—sometimes slowly, sometimes dramatically.  

We continue to ask for it each day, each hour of the day, until our souls call out constantly for it; this Love which is always waiting to come to us!


Do you ever hit a dry spell where you feel like you'd like to be connected to Love and it's just not happening?  Here's a page (click here) with excerpts from our literature, which can help you to reconnect with your wish…



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