Boundless Simplicity


By Dorothy L. Bond

The individual created soul is unique--a "snowflake" like none others of its creation. Within our secret space of the soul the Father communicates with us. Here, He becomes a companion, friend, and the source of His Abundance is ours to desire.

The Father's gentleness once touched me within this secret sanctuary. It was soft, like a cloud must feel, and climbed to a summit of feeling never felt before. It's beyond words to express, close to how a hawk feels soaring in the sky's unlimited space, no end to end, like a circle of no meeting but somehow it connects in a knowing feeling nature of the soul.

Most of us who desire a relationship with the Heavenly Father realize His Love is beyond what we can express in the love we were created to have in His image.

Understanding and knowing the difference in created love for my soul and the very Essence of the Father's Divine Love for my soul had given me a different spiritual path to desire and pray for.

This I have been doing for the last fifteen years and I recognize that praying for and receiving the Father's Divine Love in my soul has cleansed me of behavior traits that have hurt myself and others. The Father has always known when the time had come for me to recognize and own up to these traits. This always sends me to prayer asking for their removal.

I don't know what comes first, the inflowing of the Father's Divine Love into my soul or His unveiling to me an encrustation which lacks a harmonic symphony to His Laws of Peace.

When shown an encrustation, I pray and ask for its removal. The beginning of its removal becomes the adventure of the soul's transformation. I help by using all my given facilities to eliminate the encrustation, piece by piece.

For me, this takes time, yet, soul-wise there is no time involved. Like the birth of a star, a flash of the moment in its coming and simple, yet in its vastness is the Eternal flame that glows in me. Eternity is the now of the moment!

I have learned to know the power of faith and trust in prayer. A deeper and deeper relationship has grown between the Father and myself. Praying for the Heavenly Father's Divine Love for my soul has become its very breath.
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