It is the Divine Love That Fulfills

by Rev. Jocelyn Harleston

As a New Birth Christian, I feel deeply grateful for the Second Coming of Jesus of Nazareth in the twentieth century. Without the enlightenment which his true teachings have given me, only the Father knows how long I might have had to wait before learning that it is possible to become At-one with Him and to enjoy a home, one day, in His Celestial Heavens.

Each reading of even one or two messages in TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS gives me the feeling that the words presented are the most important, the most meaningful words that I could possibly spend time with. I feel so Blessed by our Father to have the privilege of learning these Truths. They become steadily more important to me as I get older, realizing how much I depend on the Father and look to Him for His Divine Guidance.

Several Members have mentioned to me that they admire Jesus' way of disclosing the Father's Truths, and how his style of writing is unique. I'd like, here, to refer you to two wonderful messages by our Divine Elder Brother about the Father's Divine Love found in Volume II, beginning on page 33.

These messages are informal, and right away we pick up on the gentleness and softness of Jesus' soul nature, beginning with his reference to "My Father's love ..." From him, I've learned the Father's true nature, and that when I receive the Father's own Love, He does, indeed, become a warm and personal Heavenly Father to me, whom I pray to with love and reverence because of His Holiness and Divine Goodness.

Jesus tells us that our Father's Love is the only thing in all the universe that can save mankind from our evil natures and make us at-one with Him; and that when people read his messages and try to understand the meaning of this Love, they will soon become more at peace with themselves and with God. And he lets us know that the Father's Love is working to help mankind, because it is the influence which makes men on earth think and do that which makes for peace and good will.

Doesn't this give us hope, for don't we all desire peace on earth between nation and nation, and the great healing power of brotherly love? How much to be desired that all mankind on earth could know the true nature of God and the meaning of His own Love!

The inner knowing that God is Love involves the heart and identifying with the Tender, Caring nature of our Loving Father, who has no malice or desire to punish His children, no hatred or jealousy or anger. This inner knowing does bring us peace and a desire to blend forever with this beautiful Substance. And who among us hasn't wished that all of mankind could realize that they are children of a Loving Father, whose Love, Jesus tells us, is everywhere and all pervading, and may become our own cherished possession.

Our Divine elder brother assures us, once again, that the Father's Love, when it takes possession of us, has the power to purify and change our hearts, making us like the Father in Love and happiness and harmony. This, I have found, is an ongoing process--the new birth process that prepares our hearts and souls to receive our Father's Eternal Love.

How could anyone say No to a glorious fulfillment like this? For our encouragement and upliftment, Jesus wrote these words as a goal for us: "I will now tell you what this Divine Love means to everyone who has received it. He is in a condition of perfect peace and his happiness is beyond all comparison, and he is not willing that anything or power shall lead him to those things that are not in accord with the Divine Love and God's laws of harmony. He is not only happy, but is away beyond the lower spirits in intellectual development and knowledge of the spiritual things of the Father. I know that no man is able to obtain the great soul perceptions until he has the soul development and is fitted to live in the Celestial Spheres, where only love and harmony exist." (Quoted from TRUE GOSPEL REVEALED ANEW BY JESUS, Vol. II, p. 35.)
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