Present Day

History of Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc.TM, SM


     In 1991, the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc. was reestablished to carry forward the purpose of the Church--to preserve, reprint, and disseminate far and wide the Padgett messages as originally published and approved by Jesus in the volumes titled True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus. The present-day Trustees also are carrying forward the Church religious functions and programs, which Jesus set into motion through his Founding Trustees during the years of  Dr. Samuels' instrumentality.

     The remarkable revelations found in True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus fulfill all of the requirements for Jesus' second coming on earth. Because they are the highest religious truths ever given to the Father's children, they enable the Foundation Church of the New Birth to stand as a beacon of light and hope to the weary.

     The Church of the New Birth teaches true religion--the religion that Jesus of Nazareth taught to his fellow man, the religion of the transformed soul. It is not a Spiritualist church in its practices, nor does it teach New Age philosophies. The truths of soul salvation were given to mankind by Jesus not only during his short life on earth, but again in the twentieth century through the instrumentality of Mr. James E. Padgett, and no additional teachings are needed to clarify them. Instead, as he stated emphatically to his Founding Trustees in 1960, the need is to disseminate these truths to mankind as far and wide as possible. Through the years since the first volumes were printed, many thousands of books have been published and disseminated to the public.

     The Trustees of the Mother Church love and honor Jesus of  Nazareth as the Spiritual, Eternal Leader of the movement, which began with the revelations he delivered through Mr. Padgett. They pray for the inflowing of the Father's great redeeming Love into their souls, knowing from personal experience that earnest, heartfelt prayer and longings to do the Father's Divine Will opens the soul's perceptions and enhances both mind and soul receptivity to the Father's Divine Guidance. This sincere praying brings the Divine influences of Jesus and his Celestial co-workers, who constantly seek to do the Father's Will, and who remain spiritually supportive of the Foundation Church of the New Birth and its members.



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