76 Sermons on the Old Testament

Yes, I am here in response to your request that I write you a sermon for those people who may be interested in learning more about the Gospel which I really preached when on earth -- a Gospel designed to show man the Way to Immortality through possession of the Father's Love through prayer and the resultant transformation of man's soul from a human soul to one possessed of the essence of God and hence Divine.
I have been waiting to write you another sermon on the Father's Love and His eagerness that mankind. should receive His Love and become His immortal children through prayer to Him; and I also wish to continue with the reasons why the churches are not in possession of this great truth.
I wish to go into further detail concerning the Message of the Father's Love, and its availability to all mankind through prayer to Him for its inflowing, and the reasons why the churches as they are constituted today do not possess the message of the "glad tidings of immortality," as I preached it when I made my appearance on earth as the Messiah of God.
I was glad to be able to write you showing that the Christian churches as they are constituted at present are preaching a religion no different in its vital foundation from the religion of Judaism from which they parted, in that they are teaching the moral and ethical principles of human conduct as the way to God; and indeed, as I have shown, these churches by so doing are perpetuating the Mosaic code that leads to obedience of God's laws and purification of the human soul, with a place in the spiritual heavens prepared for the human soul cleansed of sin.
It is so important for mankind to know in what ways Christianity as it is constituted today is not bringing the message of immortal life as I preached it when on earth that I must continue to dwell upon this subject in detail. Since Christians are being taught, and they believe, that they achieve salvation in special ways from faith in my name, and through so-called communion with me, they must be thoroughly disabused of this tragic fallacy, in order that they may be enabled to have an open mind and heart for the Father's Love.
Tonight I wish to write on why it is that no blood, be it of man or beast, has the efficacy of redeeming mankind of sin, as taught in some of the churches.

This thought is at the apex of what is called the mass, as practiced in the Catholic church, and is the basis for what is known as the communion in other churches. This rite has no foundation in Judaism and it is written, falsely, that it was I who instituted the ceremony at the Last Supper, but the church likes to point to some unimportant incidents in the Old Scriptures as indicative of the future rite, which I shall explain as having no relationship to the mass and simply a severe distortion of the facts to accord with the church's views.
I am here tonight to tell you about that Christian rite called the mass, or transsubstantiation, and to give you further proof and additional reasons why this ceremony is neither God-given, as the church claims, nor was it ever, or could be, instituted by me.
I am interested in this sermon to tell all my listeners and readers how and why the 53rd chapter in Isaiah, dealing with the suffering servant of God, neither refers to me primarily nor any bearing upon my mission as the Messiah of God, in that, possessed of a soul divine through the efficacy of the Father's Love, I preached the message that prayer to God for His Love would bring man into at-onement with the Father.

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